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Hub31 is here to modernize the informal way of living. To transform tourism, leisure and accommodation. To enhance innovation and transfer of knowledge from one generation to another thus enhancing societal cohesion and love for fellow man through sharing experiences and embracing nature. Our services range from tours, accommodation, car rentals, cruise management and agribusiness optimization.

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Think of suburbs, ghettos and shanties, hotels and restaurants, camps and beach parties, castles and bungalows, name it all. Just think of how comforting life can be if we forgot about our troubles and spend a weekend or a week at a different place just by searching the continental real estate database using Internet or the SMS. we could change how we share our culture, change how we feel about cultural beliefs . Make it possible (available & affordable) for people to search for tourism packages, accommodation and how they can rent transport at a personal level.


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Environment is an important part of our lives as it determines the climate we enjoy, the cloths we wear, where we live, what we eat. in short environment is the core to our existence. Continued environmental degradation has resulted to life threatening events (drought,depletion of resources,adverse climates etc). Through ecotourism (home-stays) we aim at sensitizing the communities on the importance of environmental conservation by encouraging tree planting,use of biodegradable materials, planting of drought resistant crops, proper waste disposal and also planting of trees that are beneficial in the long run especially moringa tree which has multi nutritional benefits. Become a supply partner and be part of this revolution. You get to do important and fun staff while make money on the side. You will have an opportunity to manage your own accommodations, car rentals, tour experiences and more.

Startling price range in our accommodation packages;

Homestays Full board & depends on the home 2500-13000
Apartments Full board & fully furnished 8500
Apart-hotels Tailor-made to your interests 9800
Hotel Inclusive of different packages 1800-10000
Lodges Inclusive of transport to & fro 9500-35000
Camps Within or outside the park 10000-80000
Cottages Full board 4500-35000
Country retreats Quoted on request quoted on request
Business hotels Inclusive of conferencing facilities 3500-8500
Eco hotels Full board 33000-150000
Hostels 250-6500
Game reserves Quoted upon request


Sensational and remarkables rates for our rentals;

Buses 18/25/33/52/62 seater 25000-70000
Cars Chauffeured / self-drive 3500-7500
Lorries & tippers As per the weight & distance 15000-100000
Prime movers Depending on the use 20000-75000
SUVs Prado, Subaru, Land rover etc 6000-15000
Trailers As per the weight & distance 180000-250000
Trucks As per the weight & distance 7500-15000
Vans 7/11/14 seaters 8000-25000
Motor Bikes(Bodaboda) Tracked & geo-fensed within TTC 700-1500
Tractors As per the area of operation 4500
Mobile Grass cutter As per the area of operation 3500
Bulldozer KES 8000/hr, max 8hrs 64000
Excavator KES 3500/hr, max 8hrs 28000


Bargain price for our magical experiences;

Camping 1-5 days 8500-35000
Expeditions 3-14 days 58000-86000
Hiking 2-5 days 7500-15000
Educational 2-4 days exclusive of accommodation 14000
Volunteer programs according to program packs on sale 4000-15000
Nature trails 1-4 days 3000-18350
Jungle safaris Exclusive of gate charges 15000-25000
Picnics Inclusive of transport 4500-13250
Vacation Dependant on seasons 5500-85000
Venture Tailor-made to your interests 13000-105500


Discover amazing offers on our cruise and cabin packages;

Adventure, family, fun, classic, contemporary, luxury Quoted upon request Quoted upon request